Secure online payment

Your payments online are protected and secured by the most robust security available today. This includes:

  • Encryption of sensitive data like credit card numbers and personal information.
  • Your data is protected by a secure connection and the 5starpresents website is vouched for by a trusted Certificate Authority.

Your payment is transmitted over a secure network which not only includes credit cards, it includes sign up`s, web access to your account and sensitive information .

Transmissions of data and communications are authenticated and encrypted.

Does your site have a secure connection? How am I able to tell if it is a safe connection?

Our site uses SSL encryption to secure the communication of all sensitive information passing between your browser and our servers.

To confirm that it is a secure connection,
you should see the … in the URL.

The “https” indicates that it’s using SSL. Furthermore, you should see a green lock in the top left hand corner of your browser.

Customer credit card details are collected at each order and are never stored on the web server in any format. This eliminates the risk of customer’s financial information being accessed by any third-party.

Industry Standard Firewalls

Your security is one of our top priorities.Your payments cannot be intercepted in any circumstances.`s servers are protected by secure firewalls— designed to keep information secure and inaccessible by other Internet users. So you’re absolutely safe while you shop.

SSL Technology, and Industry Standard Firewalls all work together to ensure your privacy and to assist in protecting your personal data.

You are fully protected while buying online at


Your personal data is protected and will never be sold.
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